SPAIN. Improvements in the Support Program for the Wine Sector

Management mechanisms are improved for better use of funds

The Council of Ministers has just approved, at the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, a Royal Decree that modifies the regulations in force for the application of the 2019-2023 Support Program measures to the Spanish Wine Sector (PASVE).
These are measures for the promotion in third countries, restructuring and conversion of vineyards -including replanting for sanitary reasons-, investments, green harvesting and distillation of by-products.A program that, financed with community funds, constitutes a fundamental tool for the competitiveness of the Spanish wine sector.
With the modifications introduced you want to obtain a
greater efficiency in the execution of the funds allocated to the Support Program in order to optimize the financing of the European Union to this Program, as well as to clarify some provisions to facilitate its application.
The approved text adapts the Spanish norm to the modification
of the Support Program for the Wine Sector that was sent to the European Commission in May 2019 in order to improve its application, include the recommendations made by the Commission and introduce technical adjustments derived from experience in the application of the Royal Decree so far in force .
The modifications include the extension of the scope of the eligible activities and the period of presentation of waivers of the approved operations is limited, in order to take advantage of the remaining funds in other operations. EL PASVE has an annual allocation of € 210 million of community funds. From the 1,100 million euros of the budget executed in the 2014-2018 period, a total of 40,679 farmers and 1,247 wineries have benefited, in addition to the indirect benefits that the promotion exercised through 2,394 programs in that period has had on the wine sector .
As for fiscal year 2019, with payments completed at 15
October, closes with an execution of 94%.

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