Malolactic fermentation in Ribera del Duero

In Red Bottle International we continue working on the elaboration of the wines of this new harvest

In Ribera del Duero we harvested a few weeks ago. Alcoholic fermentations have taken place fluidly and, today, we find the fermentation segmentations, the malolactic ones. It is made to red wines because organoleptically lactic acid is less intense in the mouth than the malic, not being interested in whites or rosé wines in which freshness prevails.
This is a phase that is very important from the technical point of view, since the incorrect termination of the same can involve microbiological problems such as, for example, the growth of the population of Brettanomyces yeasts and acetic bacteria, which translates, between other problems, in an increase in volatile acidity.
In Red Bottle we have seen that this year the malolactic fermentation is taking a while to start but once started it is being carried out quickly and even, in some cases, barely noticeable. That is why we recommend monitoring this process through simple analytics such as total acidity or malic acid.

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