CaixaBank and the OIVE continue to boost the competitiveness of the wine sector

With the renewal of your agreement

CaixaBank has renewed its collaboration agreement with the Interprofessional Organization of Wine of Spain (OIVE) with the aim of continuing to work together to boost the competitiveness of the Spanish wine sector.

The financial institution articulates the support to the OIVE through its AgroBank business line, with which it leads the business with the agri-food sector in Spain.

The renewal of the agreement has been carried out by the general director of CaixaBank, Juan Antonio Alcaraz, and the president of the Interprofessional Organization of Wine of Spain (OIVE), Ángel Villafranca. This collaboration highlights the shared commitment between AgroBank and the Interprofessional Organization of Wine in Spain to boost economic activity and support the particular needs of the wine sector.

The agreement includes the implementation of joint actions and activities aimed at the professional group linked to the sector, from the publication of studies, to the holding of sectoral conferences or external promotion activities. In addition, a specific portfolio of products and a wide range of services are made available to the sector from the financial institution. CaixaBank will offer personalized attention to all partners through its 1,000 AgroBank offices and the specialized team of 3,000 managers trained in the agricultural business

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