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The company name of the corporation that we have founded is :

and it is located in Aranda de Duero, a village near Burgos, in the Spanish region of Castilla y León. It is placed there due to its strategic location because this area is easily accessible by A1 motorway, and also due to its historical links with wine sector.


Alfonso Velasco,Ángel Luís Margüello y Luís Álvarez

The limited liability company has been created by 3 founding members, Ángel Luis Margüello, Alfonso Velasco and Luis Álvarez, whose professional experience is extensive in the field of wine. As well, we currently count on an oenologist team that enjoys great prestige, and that is distributed in the main Spanish Designations of Origin, Cayetano Otero or Sergio Sanz, are part of this team.

We can define the principle purpose of this company as follows: to render a service of technical and trading advice for those companies related to wine sector even if they are here in Spain or in any other countries.
We also offer advice in all the stages of the production process; like the control or the plantation of the vineyards, and also in the industrial design and the new systems that may be installed.

We are an external service company linked with wineries in a modular way, and will help them to improve the company results, decreasing their costs and guaranteeing the biggest control over the individual budgets of each of the wineries.

To sum up, we present you our company, made up by responsible professionals of the different business areas of the wineries, in order that these wineries may have the chance of having an external company to do for them those activities that bring the worst money returns, that are unknown or just problematic for them.
Each winery will be able to contract the services that our company offers and that may interest them, leaving aside those services or needs which have already been covered.

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