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    Both food and restaurants or hotel chains count with an extraordinary chance by keeping a direct relation with their customers. This fact allows them to know, at first hand, what kind of wine do they customers request.

    One thing is certain, the powerful brands have a great influence on consumer decisions but it is also known that good wine lovers are sure about what kind of wine they prefer and look for.

   RBI is prepared to work jointly with the aforementioned chains in order to gather the feedback of their customers and transfer it to the design of the wines suitable for the consumer profile to which they are aimed to.RBI can also select any marketing brands which fit into consumer preferences.


    In these last years, many food chains have launched their own brand.

   The more the quality of these products has increased, the more success they have had in coffee, pasta or fried food. Nevertheless, if we try to copy that system in the world of wine, it will not work. It is a difficult task to find a quality wine of these features and it is almost impossible to find a good product which remains in the different harvests.

   All this happens because wineries do not want to sell their best wines to chains that usually are not going to pay too much money for those wines. In the end, the only wine these chains find is “sales” or “remnant” wine that wineries do not bottle for them, and that is not competitive compared with the quality offered by the brands of wine makers.

   RBI, presents the service of creating an own brand for companies and restaurant, food and hotels chains. We will plan the design of wines starting from the grape, and making sure that we follow the economic criteria established, and, above all, looking for achieving the maximum quality level without exceeding the budget assigned.


    Some companies do not want to have problems when buying the wine that they are going to use for their own brand so they go to the selling wineries to select themselves the product they want.
Nevertheless, they frequently do not like the wine they have chosen and in many cases, the wine that is finally bottled is not the first they chose. This is because it is difficult to be right when choosing a wine if you do not come from this world.

    Thanks to our experts,Red Bottle, can offer its advice services for businessmen who decide to buy wine and bottle it themselves, in order to give it as a present for their customers or just to have it as a whim.
We will help you to select the best wine without exceeding the budget assigned and we will make sure that the wines chosen arrive properly to you.

    We are able to analyze the wines and to do organoleptic tastings, and this way, you will not be cheated. We will also recommend you the best way of upbringing the wine in cask and how to bottle and label it, and, of course, we will advise you what is the best bottle and/or cork to use.


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