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  Our Services





   RBI proposes distributors with experience and professionalism to join our project, in which we produce wines with design and that suit the consumer needs, and with an own brand just for them.

   Among our deals we should emphasize: the production of wines of every Designation of Origen which may be interesting for our distributor-customers or even for foreign importers.
Our own oenologist staff will work as technical advisors for independent wineries (never for groups of wineries) in order to reach the production process and the product desired by the customer.

   If a distributor is looking for wines with an own brand at very low prices, we advise you not to hire our services, because it will always be cheaper to go straight to any winery that have the wine searched. Nevertheless, if you are interested in making wines with your own brand which main component will be quality, RBI is the most qualified Spanish company to “design” the wine you wish.

         The areas where we are working now are the following:

Ribera del duero


   In line with the growing experimented these last years in Spain by goods for gourmets, it has also increased the import of high quality food products from several countries.

   Regarding this subject, RBI, has signed up some international agreements in order to import some high quality goods which marketing in Spain is made by our own marketing network.


   There is absolutely no doubt that one of our main products is the Iberian pork and its derivatives. Its quality is well-known all over the world and this can be verified by its great demand at a national and at an international level.

   RBI, markets in Spain and also in other countries, if they want to import it, a brand of goods from the Iberian Pork of top quality which is called: “EMOCIÓN IBÉRICA”.

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