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   Most of the business projects concerning the wine sector fail since they consider separately the vineyard and the winery. Our idea is that an oenological project must count with a well defined strategic plan of the vineyard according to the product that the winery wants to obtain.
For all this, it is necessary as well, to take into account other premises such as the value for money or its place inside the trade network.

   RBI offers you to create, from the very beginning, and supported by the best experts in the country, a firm base from the vineyard starting with the choice of the lands, rootstocks and the more suitable varietal clones, in order to get a top product, trying not to fail nor in the quality neither in the costs of the products in the future.


   In this sense, the specialization on rendering services has an increasingly prominent role which is traduced in a determined way of solving specific problems.
A custom-designed group of experts which solve unforeseen events such as atypical diseases of the vineyard, meteorological disasters and also will follow an oenological strategy right from the beginning of the grape harvest. We will take great decisions that will guarantee the quality of your products.



     Red Bottle does not want to advise a winery to elaborate a wine, not even a great wine. Our aim consists on making a suitable wine that achieves the highest profitability and that fits in the consumer taste and also in the market area to where we head for.
That is why it is relevant to think about these questions: to whom are we heading for?, and what is the product that the market requires?

    Oenology at an international level is every day improving. If a winery fits in all the changes it may mean its own success, so, it is necessary to discern what kind of wine is wanted and that depends on the market and the consumer to whom it is destined to.

   And at this point is where the oenologist takes part. He has to grasp and to project in the wine the tastes and priorities of the consumer but never forgetting the main characters and the personality of each production area. All in all, RBI proposes you to join the consumer priorities with the style of each area or Designation of Origin. We consider that success is achieved by following these premises and that is how they work in other vine-growing areas.

   RBI oenologists will work with one aim: to reach the highest profitability with a good quality wine which takes on account the priorities of the market but no losing the essence of the land and the main characters of the area where it is established. This work will be supervised by our Technical Manager: Ángel Luis Margüello who will give a second opinion and a global view of the different matters. Both criteria used together will guarantee the success of the product


   Lately, wine is no more an exclusive heritage from La Rioja or Ribera del Duero areas, nowadays a great number of new wineries have been placed all over the whole Spanish country and offer high quality wines.

   There are many Designations of Origin in Spain, it is interesting to mention those areas which importance is increasing, as Monterrey, Sierra de Alcazar, Ribera del Júcar, Dominio de Valdepusa, Jumilla, Bullas, Condado de Huelva or Contraviesa-Alpujarra, among others.

   When thinking about developing an oenological project and designing a winery it is necessary to lay down some guidelines that will be captured in a global strategy. This strategy must take into account the market niche and the preferences of the consumer; two main factors to obtain the success of a winery in business.
The design of the winery, reception of the grape, type of machinery and tanks that will be used, as other matters such as the calculation of surfaces, varies depending on the type of wine that the winery wants to market.
Buying machinery entails a great investment and being aware of the real value of each work instrument may mean a save (between a 5 and a 25 %).

   In order to lower costs and increase profitability, RBIwill help you with the professional experience of experts in the different areas, who have learnt all through a lot of years of work in this exciting world of wine.


   From an oenological point of view, to have a laboratory, provides uncountable advantages for RBI customers, above all, if we take into account that, the countries where wine is exported put more obstacles each time to receive the goods.
The most frequent obstacles are the specific analytics, like Histamines, Ocratoxines, Tribromofenoles and Brettanomyces reports, but there are many others that RBI can do for you. Analytics that may be done by qualified people.

  In order to get quality products, many wineries demand permanent controls and they also contract audits.


   RBI, working jointly with the laboratory EXCELL, which is leader in international regulations or winery contaminations, renders an additional service that may be hired as well:

We have for your disposal experts in lawsuits, in case the law is broken or a supplier is not competent with distribution.
We can also prove in a winery purchase that there is no Brettanomyces or anisoles ( cork taste) contamination.
We may contribute to implement some rules like ISO 9000-2000, BRC, IFS 14001.
We are able to value your own installations.

   Due to the conflict of interests and unfair competition in the market, RBI does not market the wine of its customer wineries, because many times they will be similar in style and price or they will be in the same area of the market.

   What RBI, can do is to carry out a detailed analysis of the technical situation of the winery (vineyards, installations, machinery, productive process…) and the present and future amount of business of it. At the same time, RBI examines with the owner-manager of the winery, the place the products hold in the market, studying the marketing channels chosen, the corporate image, the way of launching a product, the investments made in marketing and the annual advertising used by the company.

   Once RBI has collected all the information about the winery and has also compared it with the competitors that the winery is going to have in the same place it holds in the market, we present a report to the wine producer with the business strategy to follow based on a trade and economical criteria. In this report, we also include the human resources and the marketing plan needed in order to implement the project.

   Through this scheme, RBI puts the winery in the place of the market that fits better with its structure, resources and the level of the competitor the winery is going to find in the market.


    Due to its links and movements through the different viticultural markets, RBI is able to solve the technical and trade problems of their customers.

   That is why, among its services, RBI offers the management of buying or selling bulk wine that a winery may need to carry out. RBI technical team would be at your disposal to analyze the quality of the wine requests or to guarantee that it is suitable with your needs.

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